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More than ever, a powerful, athletic body is considered a symbol of success. If you want to keep up, you need plenty of capacity in reserve. But training in the different areas of strength, speed and endurance often consumes huge amounts of time and energy. All these training goals can now be achieved with a highly effective, time-saving method: miha bodytec whole body training!


Muscular strength plays a special role as a basis for individual performance. High performance is only possible if there is sufficient muscular stability. Deep, stabilizing muscles are difficult to reach with conventional methods. This is precisely where miha bodytec – with the simultaneous activation of the entire musculature – makes it possible to train highly effectively while saving time. Unilateral stresses are avoided and any potential muscular imbalance is reduced. The training can be combined with active, sports-specific movements. That means the extra strength can match the target movements of the sport very effectively. There is no longer an absolute need for a strict separation of general strength training and more specific performance training, which is associated with more severe stress and a greater expenditure of effort.


miha bodytec starts out where traditional practices leave off : While conventional methods only make possible maximum performance by boosting strength, training with miha body tec also increases speed of movement – without heavy stresses on the passive musculoskeletal system! Electrical pulses control the fast-twitch muscle fibers especially effectively and directly – no small advantage. It makes miha bodytec nearly indispensable to the performance-oriented athlete!

SIMPLY MORE SUCCESS – miha bodytec

Whether higher, faster or farther – studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of miha bodytec training*:
•    miha bodytec is the only form of training that increases maximum performance by means of improved speed of motion.
•    An increase in performance capacity was general observed, occurring in 84% of the participants!
•    Maximum strength already increased 17% after 4 training units!
•    71% of participants showed a significant improvement in endurance!
•    Strength-endurance training values rose by as much as 108% after just 12 training units!
•    After just 4 weeks of training, maximum performance rose by as much as 30%!
•    Contraction speed rose by an average of 22%. The explosive power of the hard-to-train deep trunk musculature even rose by up to 74%!
The values that were measured underscore the fact that whole body EMS is up to 40% more intensive than traditional strength training with weights!


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10 Sessions €220
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